Among the Grain

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film photographs and text on three projectors, 2021

A revisiting of the self portrait, Among the Grain combines two film photographs with a short nonfiction text exploring the sensation of being lost-  losing one’s way, one’s sight, or even one’s sense of self.

This work, a miasma,

inside which one reaches out their hand

like one lost in the storm. 

What is that waiting in the darkness before you, moments before your fingertips?

Perhaps getting lost is like sledding down

the mountain at night. 

There is both the exhilaration of untasted freedom and this queasy lump in the throat,

this pain in the chest right below the breastbone.

If your sled should swerve from the lighted path, where will you find yourself?

It has begun to snow- 

you will never be able to follow your tracks home.

And I, in this aimless, disorienting gale

Can hardly find myself among the grain