Stories were always an escape for me and stories of travel and adventure in particular. They held a promise for the explorers out there- that there was a dangerous and beautiful world ready to be seen. By the time I began to travel around Asia I looked forward to seeing the places I had heard of in literature, the forest of Borneo, the mountains of Northern Vietnam, and the jungles of mainland Malaysia. Though there are many places in North America that are at risk from development, but for the most part we often don’t have enough real, raw nature to notice damage.

I went to Borneo and saw only huge, seemingly endless fields of palm oil trees. The few rainforest trees photographed here were in a small conservation plot only a few kilometers squared. Almost every place I visited was stressed by climate change or human activity. Named after a devastating poem by Louise Gluck, this series attempts to document a world that is truly beautiful, but on the brink of collapse.