Lost Cities

Created in collaboration with writer Irene Lee, Lost Cities is an artist book project comprising an edition of thirty hand-bound books and an e-book.

Lost Cities features the work of four people. The two stories written by Rachel TonThat and Irene Lee are linked by themes of stillness and isolation. In The Optometrist, Irene Lee tells the story of a woman living in a post-apocalyptic city who makes a map to reconnect to humanity. Rachel TonThat’s City of Night explores a sunless city whose inhabitants experience dreams and memories through living nightmares. Louis Thomas is a Parisian illustrator, animator, and photographer whose photographs are featured at the beginning of each chapter, and in the fold out panel in the hand-bound book. Brittni Zotos is a New York printmaker and artist who makes abstract and organic compositions that invoke the feel of landscapes. Her work appears on the ebook cover, book flyleaves, and center panel.